How To Check Bahrain Visa Status 2024

How To Check Bahrain Visa Status 2024

Bahrain Visa Status checking process is easy in 2024. Now you can easily check the validity of your visa using android. Complete details available in this article.

The Arabian Gulf is home to the island country of Bahrain. Business and leisure travelers alike flock there. Many Indian tourists go to Bahrain to see its ancient sites, beautiful beaches, and endangered wildlife.

A valid visa is all that is needed to visit Bahrain, guaranteeing a journey devoid of difficulty. Before you pack your luggage for the trip, be sure to check the status of your Bahrain visa. You can easily verify your Bahrain visa online by following these procedures and advice.

How To Check Bahrain Visa Status Online

There are two ways to find out where your visa application stands: online and offline. Here are the procedures you need to take to check the status of your Bahrain visa online:

  • Find the “official website of Bahrain visa” and get over there.
  • Choose “Verify Status of Application.”
  • Please provide the necessary information and verify that it is “100% accurate. Like Your Passport Number, Nationality and the date of Birth
  • Fill the Reference number of your application
  • Select the “Submit” option.

At last, your “current Bahrain visa status” will be shown.

Bahrain Visa Check Online By Passport Number

Check Bahrain Visa application Status Online Using LMRA website. This is the Bahrain Government Website where you can easily track your visa application status. Here are few steps to Bahrain Visa check online by passport number.

  • Visit the LMRA’s website.
  • Once within the screen, choose the VISA SERVICES option.
  • Please provide your passport number, nationality, and visa type.
  • Finally, you’ll see your visa status and other vital details.
  • You can guarantee that your Bahrain visa is valid and current by checking its status online with LMRA using your passport number.

Bahrain Visa Check By CPR Number

If you are experiencing difficulties with checking the status of your Bahrain visa using your CPR number, please refer to the following instructions.

  • Please go to the “LMRA” website for further information.
  • Please provide your “CPR Number.
  • Enter your “Work Permit Number” in the next step.
  • Put in the “Application ID Number” that you have.
  • In the last step, you will be required to enter your “Passport Number” and choose your country.
  • Be sure to complete the “Captcha”
  • On the “Search” button, click the button.
  • At long last, you will be able to see your “Current visa Status.”

How To Check Bahrain Visa Status Offline?

There is an offline option available for those who choose not to check their visa status online. Here are the procedures you need to take in order to check the status of your Bahrain visa offline.

  • To get in touch with the Bahraini Ministry of Interior, Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs, you may visit their official website.
  • If you would want to know where your Bahrain visa stands, you may reach out to the Nationality by mail or phone during business hours. In case you are requested to supply it, have your personal information on hand, including your passport number and application reference number.
  • At either the Mumbai or New Delhi Consulate General of the Kingdom of Bahrain, you may inquire about the current status of your application for a visa to Bahrain. Additionally, remember to bring your passport, identification card, and visa application form to the consulate.
  • To find out where your Bahrain visa stands, just show up to the embassy and follow the instructions given to you by the staff. They will let you know the status of your Bahrain visa application and be there to help you once it is accepted.


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