Tujh Agar aur Sochnay Lag Jaon – New Sad Poetry 2021

Sad Poetry in Urdu is very famous among the World. Specially, it is popular in the Asian Countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.


This is very beautiful and loving Ghazal in Urdu written by Mr. Muhammad Hassnain Raza Awan of Jampur, District, Rajanpur. We especially thanks to the Poet who is very popular among the Young Generation due to his heart touching Poetry.

Tujh Agar aur Sochnay Lag Jaon


It is started with the most beautiful line “Tujh Agar Sochnay Lag Jaon”. We think, it is the best Sad Poetry 2021 and you will like it hopefully. Please Share it with your Friends for Appreciation of the Poet. Lets start the Beautiful Urdu Ghazal along with Roman Urdu and Images.

Tujh Agar Aur Sochnay Lag Jaon

Ain Mumkin hai Poojnay Lag Jaon.

Tere Hijar ka Qarb Aisa Hai

Apna Hi Galla Dabochnay Lag Jaon.

Sad Urdu Ghazal
Sad Urdu Ghazal

Tujh se Agar Mulaqat Ho Jaye

Phir Khud ko Dhondany Lag Jaon


Teri Deed mai Aisi Kya Kashish Hai

Keh Teh Dar Teh Khonay Lag Jaon

Sad Poetry in Urdu

Is Chahat Ko Itna Mat Barhao K

Baithy Baithy Ronay Lag Jaon


Tum Shamma ki Surat Ho Agar

Main Parwana Jalnay Lag Jaon

Best Urdu Ghazal


Muyassar Hua Jab Bhi Lams Tumhara

Main Apna Khazana Bharnay Lag Jaon


Main to Hoon Aik Mazoor sa Shakhs

Tum Ayo to Chalnay Lag Jaon

New Shayari for Love


Tere Hussan ki Dill Angezi Per

Main to Aahen Bharnay Lag Jaon


Pighla Day Jo Tere Dill ko Bhi

Main Kuch Aisa Likhnay Lag Jaon

Main Kuch Aisa Likhnay Lag Jaon

New Sad Urdu Ghazal
M. Hassnain Raza Awan New Sad Urdu Ghazal


We Hope This will touch your heart. Stay Connected with us for the Best Poetry in Urdu and Hindi. Our first priority is to entertain you with such a beautiful and unique Ghazals. Stay Blessed Always.





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