Pay Council Tax Online – Easy Step by Step Guide

Before we start with the online procedure of Council Tax Pay, it is something important to discuss about the Council Tax. What is Council tax? How to calculate your Council tax? Who is liable to pay? Discounts offered by the department and each and every detail that you want to know is available in this article.

Therefore, it is suggested that to please read it carefully. This read will teaches you a lot and you will be able to pay council tax online easily. Because, if you did not know the procedure and terms and conditions to pay, then it may cause problems for you.

Pay Council Tax

Dear reader, if you want to pay Council tax or to know about the procedure of Council Tax payment, then you are on the right place. Because, in this article we will explain you each and everything about that tax payment.Pay Council Tax Online

We will guide you step by step. Resultantly, you may able to pay taxes easily, with genuineness with out any delay. We will also explain about the working out of council tax.


Who has to make payment of council tax? How many Discounts are available in council tax if you are a special person/disable or full time student and Council tax reductions etc.

What is Council Tax?

Council Tax is an annual fee which is paid to your local council for funding local services such as Police, Fire, Libraries, Education, parks and sports centers etc. It can be paid through 10 easy monthly installments according to your monthly budget.What is Council Tax

In some cases, it may be paid in 12 monthly installments as requested. Council tax is the most important fee or tax which leads to the betterment of the council and the city.

It is payable if you an age of 18 or above and own or rent a home at England and Wales etc.

Pay Council Tax Online  

You will pay Council tax bill in case you know about the amount of council bill of tax. Therefore, it is important to find how much bill payment is due from you. On the basis of which it is calculated or worked out and validity of your Council tax bill.

Residents of United Kingdom can pay Council Tax Online. Council tax pay can also be possible through cash payments of Council Bill tax. Using the ‘Paypoint’, ‘Payzone’ or ‘Quickcards’ at the Post Offices, Banks and newsagents etc. of England, Wales.

Further, you can also find the payment methods by checking your Council tax bill. You can also take the refund in case you have paid an excess amount of council tax by contacting your local council.

There are multiple online methods to council tax pay online. In this article, we will guide you step by step procedure for council tax pay. We will also explain it in the details along with each and every thing about the tax of council bill.

How to Pay Council Tax Bill Online?

Now a days, every one is living in the busy life. No one want to waste time by paying the bills though the counters. That’s why, every one prefers to pay their council bills about tax through an online systems.

How to Pay Council Tax Online

Online systems are secure and an easy to use. Visa or Master cards can be used for payment of council tax. In this article, you will learn about the methods of paying it. Lets. Start our main topic which is How to Pay Council Tax Online?

If you own or rent a home, the relevant council will issue a unique Council tax Account number. This account number is also available on the Council tax bill.

Procedures for Council tax pay online

Council tax is available for payment through direct debit card, Council tax bill pay by online banking. It can also get paid through a post office or pay point outlets. There is also a facility to pay your council tax over the telephone.

Methods for Payment of Council tax

Here is the detail of one by one method of council tax payment as under:

Council tax payment by Direct Debit 

Secure debit cards can be used for payment of tax of councils. This is the safe and easy method to pay the council tax online without any delay. It is to please that it is the compulsory requirement to pay your tax either any method.

Council Tax Payment by Debit Card

  • Make sure that you are in the position to have a Council tax account number.
  • Must have your Bank Account number and sort code to access it.
  • You must have the active account number and authorized to use the direct debit for online payments.
  • These payments will be made on 1st, 7th, 15th, 21st or 28th of each month for 10 months or 12 months installment plans.
  • Make sure that you have the sufficient balance in your bank account for payment of council taxes.

Council tax bill payment by Online Banking

You can also pay the council tax through online banking. There is very simple guide for payment of that tax using your online banking service. Procedure to follow while making the payment is as under:

Council Tax Payment by Online Banking

First, enter your Sort code as 20-51-01

Secondly, Write the account number as 50294217

Thirdly, Enter the account title as LCC Income Account. Please make sure account title will be different for different city councils. For example, LCC Income Account is used for Liverpool City Council.

Finally,  Enter your Council tax account number carefully. Please enter it with full intentions in order to avoid any problems later on. This account number is also written on the Council tax bill.

Tax Payment through Post Office or Pay Points

While making tax payment at Post Office or Pay Points, you needs a barcode which is written on your bill. It also includes the details of your bill payment installment dates. Please pay your bill before the seven days so that it can reach to the Councils well in time.

Here is the procedure to pay council tax bill.

Council tax payment by post office

  • Tell the Barcode mention on the bill to the cash counter.
  • Take the required cash in hand.
  • Tell the cashier about the amount of your bill payment that you want to pay and the cash get paid.
  • Cashier will process your bill and will give you back with receipt.
  • Take it in the safe custody as a proof of council tax payment.
  • Finally, its paid and wait for the next monthly payment due.

Council Tax Payment over the Phone

You can also make the payment over the telephone. This service is available at 24 hours. No need to worry, just follow simple steps and pay the tax of your council at easiest.

All types of Visa Credit, Visa Debit, UK Maestro and International Maestro, mastercard etc. can be used for that tax payments.

  • Dial a telephone number at 0800 023 7082 from your cell phone or landline.
  • Make sure you are a required card in hand and possess sufficient balance.
  • Provide the Council tax account number after listening the instructions over the phone.
  • Follow the steps as required by the telephone operator.
  • In this way, your council tax bill payment will be made over the phone.

If you are using a smartphone, you can also book a video appointment with the advisor. Trained advisor will teach you about the benefits and council tax issues that you are facing.

That was the payment process of Council tax. Now, lets start other details of council tax that you want to know and important to you.

Who is liable to pay Council Tax?

If you are living in the United Kingdom, for example, England, Wales etc. You are liable to pay your council tax if you are above 18 years and own a home or living in the rented home. Some people did not know their legal position that are they require to pay the Council tax?

Council tax is collected by the local authorities. This is a local tax called as Council tax. This is levied on the domestic property and can be paid using postcodes.

You can also get all official information relating to council tax on UK Government website.

How much Council tax Discounts available?

There are multiple discounts available for different segments. Means that some classes are exempted from Council tax. Here in this read, we will explain Who are exempt from Council Tax Bill? How much percentage of discounts is offered by the local councils. Lets, discuss them in detail.

Council tax discounts for Full time students

The households who all are the full time students are not liable to pay the Council tax at all. In case, you have received your council bill, but you all are full time students. Then, you can apply for an exemption at local council.

Full Time Student for discount of Council tax means:

  • Your course last at least 1 year.
  • You are involve in minimum 21 hours study per week.
  • If you study for the A Levels and are under 20 years, your course should be last minimum 3 months and must involve in 12 hours study per week.

Council bill Discount for Adults

An Adult over the age of 18 years can get 25% discount in the Council bill payment. But he/she must living alone at his own and no one any adult is living at home.

If you are not living in your home and are adult. You may get 50% discount in tax council bill payment.

Discounts for Disabled People

If you are a special person in terms of mentally impaired, you will not included to pay the council tax payment.

If you are a live-in carer looking for some one else who is not your spouse, partner etc. In that case, you are also eligible for discount in the that tax.

Final Words About Council Tax Payment

It is our legal obligation to pay the due taxes  well in time. If someone did not bother to pay, the state has right to collect the tax that you owe. If you become the defaulter of council tax or arrear is pending against you. That may create problems for you.

Always act like a responsible citizen of your country by paying the due taxes with in due dates.

We have written the article just for knowledge purpose and based upon the knowledge available to us. Must visit the official website for further information or comment in the comment section for any query. Thanks for reading our article.

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