Easy Access of MIS Webmail and EQ Webmail

Queensland is an Australian State. Department of Education, Queensland started a very good initiative for the Queensland People name as Managed Internet Service web based system also called as MIS Webmail.


Now a days, there is an age of Internet and online system. Each and every thing you need is available on the internet. You can avail all the desired information in just few seconds.

To fulfill the current needs, Australian Government started an online education system for the students and the residents of Queensland state as well as for Australian people.

EQ Webmail stands for Queensland education web based service for the betterment of education in the country free of cost. In this read, you can know all about MIS Webmail, EQ Webmail and Managed Internet Service, Australia.


We will discuss about the process of webmail MIS, What is Managed Internet Service and How to Use EQ Webmail? In case, you have forgot your MIS System password, then how to reset the password with easy and simple ways. Therefore, its time to start the Guide for you.

What is MIS Webmail Service in Australia?

Managed Internet Service fully managed by the Federal Government of Australia for the purpose of Free Education Classes, Courses and study material is recognize as MIS Webmail. This service is free to use. One thing to remember, you must be a resident of Queensland, Australia and have an QGov Identity. You can access it using your Learner Unique Identifier (LUI) or Username / Email given while registered for it.


Here we will discuss all about MIS Webmail login process and registration process for Managed Internet Service. We will also discuss about the services offered by the MIS Mailweb and every thing about the MIS Service, Queensland.

Brief Introduction of EQ Webmail

Queensland Education system managed through web base is known as EQ Webmail. Students can get free courses, trainings, texts, books, study material and much more. This is an excellent service manage by Australian State, The “Queensland”.



EQ Webmail or MIS Webmail is the platform for the students who want to study free of cost and become an educated person. Therefore, Education is the only thing through which any Nation can achieve prosperity and boost its Economy.


EQ Webmail system is free for all the residents of Queensland State in Australia. Online Courses can be access through EQ Email. So, in some cases, you need to pay for the textbooks, magazines called as special services offered by Managed Internet Service portal.


Here below is the login process of this webmail service in Queensland State. We have tried to explain it in simple and easy ways. So that, every one can understand it and avail this amazing educational webmail portal free of cost in the state of Queensland.

MIS Webmail Login Process

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All above was the brief introduction of this webmail service. Here is the easy login process of Managed Internet Service portal. Please read it carefully, after that you may able to login into it and use such an amazing platform for educational needs.

One thing is to remember that you must have the Queensland Government Account or username and password for easy access of Managed Internet Service (MISS Webmail). Still, if you have not the same. No needs to worry about it, because, we will also explain to how to get QG Account or Username/Password for the access of EQ Webmail.

How to Login into MIS Webmail System?


If you are worried about How to login in to MIS or EQ webmail? Here is the simple method of login. Just follow the easy steps and use this portal free of cost living in Queensland.


  • Firstly, Open the official portal of Managed Internet Service. Here is the site link https://owa.eq.edu.au Just click on that link, the following link will be opened like:
  • Here you have to do three steps, Username, Password and consent for the agreement to terms and conditions. MIS Webmail Outlook is very user friendly and easy to use.
  • First of all, write your username i.e. EQ Email or webmail username allotted to you. Username is the unique identity of Queensland Educational portal access. Without username, it is not possible to access the EQ Web Mail.


  • If, you do not remember your EQ username, just put your Google Email address or Microsoft account ID to access this E Q Web Mail Portal. You can also use this portal using Queensland Government Account (QG Account).
  • If you do not have the QG Account, in this read, we will also explain, How to get QG Account?
  • After putting the username, enter your password.
  • Now, Check the box and give the consent to the agreement of terms and conditions.
  • Finally, Click the option “Sign in” and use the MISS Web Mail portal easily and avail free courses and much more on just one click.


How to reset LUI Password of MIS Web Mail?

LUI is the abbreviation of Learners Unique Identifier. This Unique Identity can be used for online learning and education. Here is the simple and easy way to reset the MIS Web Mail password. In case, you forgot your EQ Web Mail Password or want to reset it, this is the method to reset it easily. MIS Web mail EQ password reset process is below:

Open the link of official webmail EQ by clicking it.

Main page of Managed Internet service will be opened.

Now, look on the bottom of this page, here you will see the option “Change my Password”. Click on the option Change my Password or Click here to reset your LUI Password for EQ Mail system.

The following window will display in front of you like.

Lets, fill the above columns of picture carefully. Because, if you will not fill with full intentions, problems may occurred.

In the first field, enter your username or QG Account

Enter your current password. If you have forgotten your current password. Make sure, you may have your email or cell phone. because verification will be made for the security purposes.

In the second last column, enter your new password

Repeat the new password or confirm your new password.


And, press the option “Change”. Your LUI password will be changed and intimation will also be sent to your registered email address. You can use MIS EQ Webmail easily once again.

QGov. Identity or Process of Identification for EQ MIS Gateway?

For the new user or resident of Queensland State, it is essential to get identification in order to access the QE or EQ Portal. Here below is the whole process of getting the Identity or register yourself for availing free education services or courses.

We are living in the modern era and technology is advance now a days. There is an online process of getting identification. No need to visit any Govt. office for completion of identification. You just have some documents in hand and fill the form carefully.

The documents or information you may need for the purpose of identification are like, Date of Birth, Complete Name, Resident card, License and education documents etc.

Make sure that the documents are issued from Federal Government of Australia. There is 100 point scoring on the page. Attach your requisite documents in order to complete hundred point of identification.

Then, proceed further and before proceeding further must check your entered fields carefully. If there is any mistake correct it now and submit the form online.

It may take some hours and confirmation for issuance of identification will be done soon.

How to create QGov. Identity or QG Account?

Queensland Identity QGov. Identity is the essential identity for access of MIS mailweb portal. Here is the simple method for creation of Queensland Government Identity.

  • Simply, open the official link by clicking here
  • The following window will be opened like:
  • Now, enter your valid email address and enter your desired password.
  • Confirm password and put your active cell number and press the Continue option.
  • Follow the simple steps in order to create a QGov. Account which is a key to your QGov. Identity.
  • There are multiple Govt. services which can be availed though QGov Identity, MIS Webmail is one of them.


Final Words about MIS Webmail EQ Portal

Education plays a vital role in the growth of any country or nation. The countries who take care of their education system or facilitate its educational system, always take initiative for its betterment. That’s why, the State of Queensland started an excellent web based portal for betterment of education called as MIS Webmail Portal.

We congratulates the residents of Queensland for getting these amazing educational services on just one click. We wish the pupils of Queensland best of luck for bright future as well.

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