Does McDonalds take Apple Pay [step by step easy guide]

We all are living in the modern era. Most of us is the facility of Cell phones along with high speed internet connections and browsers. Therefore, the Country like United States of America is rich in technology. In USA, about ninety percent of population uses mobile phones. We will discuss in detail about Does McDonalds take Apple Pay and much more.

Almost fifty percent of the cell phone users use iPhones. So, People use Apple Pay most of the time. Almost all restaurants, shopping malls and stores accepts Apple pay in the Country. Therefore, people love to use Apple pay for buying of their meals.

In this guide, we are going to explain you each and every step regarding Apple Pay at McDonalds. Is it possible to Apple Pay at McDonald and much more.

Does McDonald take Apple Pay Credit:

In this read, we will explain you “Does McDonalds take Apple Pay”. Can we use Apple pay for McDonald’s? How to Use Apple Pay at McDonalds? Setup process of Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch and Does McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay or not?

Is Apple Pay safe for users? Can we use Apple Pay at a McDonald’s Drive Thru? Further, fee information, how many times we can use (limits) and much more that you want about the McDonald’s Apple Pay. Further, Mobile App of McDonald is also available for Apple Pay.

A Little Bit about McDonald

We like you tell you a little bit about McDonald. Because, most of us did not know about the basic knowledge on this company.

McDonald is the fast food company since 1940. They operated its restaurant business from the San Bernardino, California, America. It is the World’s largest chain as well as the revenue is concern.

McDonald’s Franchises are available almost in more than 100 countries. It is very good brand recognition and valuation. People love to eat from McDonald in the World.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is the digital wallet service introduces by the Apple Incorporation. It can be used on iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac and iPad. Apple pay is the payment method through online. Users of Apple pay can use it for making of online payments, in person or over the web. It was initially released in 2014.

Does McDonalds take Apple Pay?

Yes, McDonalds accept Apple Pay in the United States of America as a payment method as of today. All branches and franchises of McDonalds accepts Apple pay located in the USA as well as World wide.

McDonalds was the early adopter of Apple pay since its launch as on 2014.  Visa debit and visa credit cards are attached with your Apple pay are accepted and you can pay through Apple pay at any location in United States.

Some people ask, Is Apple Pay Acceptable at McDonalds? Then the answer is yes. Because, McDonald’s has accepted since its launch in the modern world since 2014.

How to Use Apple Pay for McDonalds?

How to Use Apple Pay at McDonald

Here is the step by step Apple Pay guide for every one in very easy way. If, you owns a iPhone, Apple Watch or Mac etc. and want to buy or order some favorite meal from McDonald. Then, the question arises “How to Use Apple Pay at McDonalds”.

If you are looking for the use of Apple Pay, then you are on the right page. Lets start our guide about How can we use Apple pay for purchase of meal etc. from McDonald.

Step by Step Guide to use Apple Pay for purchase of meals:

First thing to use Apple pay is setup of iOS device that is iPhone or Apple Watch etc. First of all, link or add the debit card or credit card to your Apple Wallet.

  • Firstly, open the Wallet App from your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • Secondly, click on the plus (+) symbol which will be shown at the right side of your App.
  • Thirdly, App will ask to enter your card number which you want to add for Apple Pay. You can enter card number manually or through scanning of card through camera.
  • This option can be used through payment terminal. Payment terminal is the source of payment through which you like to purchase anything.
  • Fourthly, Connect the card for any purchase through Apple pay at McDonald’s and else where you want to buy any thing.
  • That is the process of using Apple pay at McDonalds which is quite easy and simple.

Usage Process of Apple Pay in McDonalds Drive Thru

You can pay Apple pay at a McDonald’s drive thru It is similar to use McDonald’s Drive Thru just like use of Apple Pay in a store. If, you reach McDonald and forget to bring your Wallet. Then, no need to worry about it.

iPhone users can pay or purchase meals from McDonald’s Drive Thru easily. Process is very simple. There will be a drive thru worker at payment terminal to assist you. Just give him your iPhone or hold the phone to the drive thru device. It will work for payment of meals etc. at McDonald’s.

Use of Apple Pay with Mobile App of McDonald

Here is an easy process of how to use Apple pay at McDonald’s Mobile App. Just follow these steps to use it quickly.

  • First of all, download the McDonald Mobile App which is easily available at Google Play Store or through the website of McDonald.
  • Create the account and sign in to the Mobile App.
  •  Now, chose your nearest or local restaurant from the list available.
  • Then, select your favorite food and put it to cart.
  • Here, go to the payment cart and make the payment.
  • Enter the requisite information and choose the payment method as Apple Pay.
  • Get your food and enjoy amazing deals.

By using Mobile App of McDonald, you can easily purchase your favorite deal by Apple pay any time.

Fee or Charges for using Apple Pay at McDonald

Generally, there are not any fees or charges for using Pay Apple. You can use your Apple pay free of cost at different stores and restaurants.

So, it is clear that there is no fee but bank charge its own service charges according to its terms and policies. For example, if you over pay through credit card, bank may charge some amount of fee.

Is Apple Pay Safe to Use?

Apple Pay is safe to use at anywhere. It is well renowned payment method specially in the United States and all over the World. Make sure that your debit card or credit card also safe and issued from an authorized bank.

So, it is evident to use of Apple pay at any McDonald point is completely safe.

Can I Pay with my Phone for McDonald’s?

Yes, you can pay online for an order from McDonald. It is the safe and easy to use. Just go to the more options and then go the profile option.

Then, add your payment method and enter the detail of your debit card or credit card. You can change payment method and card details any time. Mobile app is very user friendly and easy to pay or buy something from McDonald.

Limits of Apple Pay at McDonald’s

Some people ask that what is the limit to buy an order from McDonald. There is not any limits to pay through Apple pay. It totally depends upon your availability of funds in the Wallet (Debit or Credit Card).

If you are purchasing McDonald Deals, then you can redeem only one deal. One deal is available per person and per visit to McDonald.

Final Words: Is McDonald take Apple Pay?

McDonald is very good brand for fast food. People living at United States loves it. Some people did not know about Does it accept Apple pay. Therefore, we have tried to explain each and every thing about it.

So, you can use Apple pay at any McDonald’s outlet or franchise. Hope that you like our effort and comment down if any further information required.

We just writes that article for the purpose of education. For more information visit its official website or visit personally at restaurant for more information. Thanks.

Do all McDonalds accept/take Apple pay?

Do all McDonald’s accept Apple Pay? Then, the answer is yes. Because, McDonald is the multinational fast food chain. McDonald is allowing Apple Pay since its launch since 2014.

You can easily buy and use Apple Pay for its offerings and deals. It accept Apple Pay in all Branches.



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