Civil Id Expiry Date Check

You can Check Civil Id Expiry Date through Kuwait Government Online portal by using simple and easy method . Which we are going to explain in this article. Therefore, it is very easy way to check Expiry date of your Civil Identity Card Expiry date status online.

While living in the Kuwait, it is mandatory and essential for you to check your Id expiry date and up to date. Because, if your Id expires and still you are living in Kuwait results into heavy penalties. That’s why we suggest to residents and expatriates for it.

You can not avail Kuwaiti Government services with an expired Civil Id. Civil id is the unique identity issued by the PACI (Public Authority for Civil Information.

Check Civil Id Expiry Date

It is the most important document for the expats and residents of Kuwait. Sometimes, you have the Civil Id Card of Kuwait. But you did not check its expiry or current status which leads to the difficulties.Civil Id Expiry Date Check

Because, it may happens that the Government cancel your Civil Identity due to any reason or expired but you did not query it.

Therefore, it is recommended that Check your Civil Id Status day to day.

Check Here Civil ID Status PACI Kuwait

Kuwait Government rules and regulations are very strict for the people who violate the Kuwait Laws. Expiry date of Civil Id Card is also available on the Civil Card.

But you needs to check it online through Kuwait E Government Portal for better and safe living in the Sate of Kuwait. We are going to tell you step by step procedure to check the Expiry of your Civil Identity. It is very crucial document and should be valid, up to date and active.

Procedure to Check Civil Id Expiry Date

There is very simple and easy procedure for check of Expiry date of your Civil Id Card, Kuwait. Just follow simple two steps and your card’s expiry will be shown in front of you.

You can Find Id Expiry Date through Laptop, PC, Tablet or Cell Phone. No needs to visit any office and face the long que. Just follow simple procedure and steps to find it easily. Lets discuss simple steps to check the expiry date of Civil Id Card.

Step#1: First of All, Open your Internet Browser. For better and quick results use Google Chrome.

Step#2: Now, Open the Official Website i.e.

Step#3: After opening the Kuwait Government Online portal or clicking the above link, a new window will be opened. Just Put your Civil Id Card Number as shown in the picture below.

Civil Id Expiry Date
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Step#4: When, you will enter your Civil Id and press the option Query. The Expiry date of Civil Id Card will be shown along with its status.

That is the simple interface which is understandable by everyone. We have tried to explain the method of Civil Id Expiry Date Check in the simple and easy way. So that, everyone can learn the procedure of expiry date check easily.

In case, you find an expired status or interface shows you that your Civil Id is expired. Then, it is the most important job to renew it or apply for the renewal of Civil Id Card in order to avoid any penal actions as per Kuwait Laws.

How to Check Civil Id Validity in Kuwait?

If you want to know the Civil Id Expiry date Check in Kuwait, then you are on the right place. You can find Civil Id Validity in Kuwait with the help of simple and easy steps.Civil Id Validity in Kuwait

Civil Id Validity is the expiry date of your Civil Id. It is the date on which Civil Identity is going to expired.

Some people did not know how to check civil id validity and faces problems while stay at Kuwait.

Hence, check your Civil Identity Validity / expiry frequently in order to act as a responsible citizen of State of Kuwait. Because, with the expired Identity, you can not live or stay in that State.

Procedure to find Civil Id Validity in Kuwait

Here is the complete and easy procedure to check the civil id validity in Kuwait through PACI E Kuwait Government Online portal/website. Checking process of Civil Id expiry/validity is as under:

Firstly, Open the Official site i.e.

Secondly, Go to the option Citizens and Residents.

Thirdly, Select the option Personal and Family.

Fourthly, Select the tab inquiring about Civil Id.

Finally, Enter your Civil Id and Get the Validity Check of Civil Id.

If your Civil Id is expired, then it will be your first priority to renew your Identity as soon as possible. In case you fails to do so, you are not allowed to live at Kuwait and will be deputed to your home country or Kuwait Police may arrest you in terms of violation of Govt of Kuwaiti Laws.

We hope, this article will helps you in checking the Expiry date of Civil Identity Card as well as validity of Civil Id. In case of any query, you are welcome to ask in the comment section. Stay connected with us.

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