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Before we start for the process of Civil ID Status Check, it is important to know little bit about the Civil Identity Card in Kuwait. Therefore, it is essential to understand the basics of that Identity. So, lets start with the definition or significant of Civil ID.

It is important for the reason that people have not enough time to visit the PACI office or any other department. Everyone want to know about his/her Civil Identity Card Status. Residents and expatriates want to know the current status of Kuwait PACI Civil ID.

Here we will tell you about stage of Civil ID. Is it ready to collect or pending due to any reason. So, stay connected with us in order to find the PACI Civil ID Card Status Kuwait.

What is Civil ID or Civil Identity Card in Kuwait?

What is Civil IDThe unique identity mandatory for all the Expatriates and Residents living in the State of Kuwait is known as Civil ID or Civil Identity Card. The Authority for issuance of this identity is Public Authority for Civil Information or PACI Kuwait.

Here, in this article, we will explain the complete process of Civil ID Status Check online. No need to go any where. Just, follow simple steps and know your Identity Status within one minute.

You can check about your Identity Card Status and its expiry. Active Civil ID is much important for use of any service offered by the Kuwaiti Government.

Civil ID Status

Here is the complete methods of checking Civil Identity Status. Our this article is about Civil Id Check Status. You can check anywhere within just few seconds.

So, You can check ID Status Kuwait from different methods. like, from Mobile, Personal Computer, Tablet and through voice query system through telephone call. Resultantly, Kuwait Government introduces helpline for checking of Identity Card Status online.

It is much important for the people residing at Kuwait. Because, all the services can be availed through Civil Identity Card. Public Authority for Civil Information is the Govt. institution who manage all type of issues with respect to Civil ID.

Check Civil ID Status Kuwait

Today, we are living in the age of technology. Almost, every service is available through internet. There is no need to go to any official office. Hence, follow the simple method to check the Civil Identity Card Status from home.

Therefore, in this read we have tried to explain the whole checking method of Kuwait Civil Information. You can check it using the Kuwait Government Online Portal or PACI official website as well as on phone call through helpline.

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In this read, we are going to tell you about the Kuwait Govt. Online portal and the process is as under:

How to Check Kuwait Civil Identity Status?

  • Simply, Open the link by clicking on it. or open the address
  • The above link is about enquiring the Civil ID Card Status.
  • If, you do not want to open the direct link, then go to the Kuwait Government Online website, press the option Citizens and Residents and then Personal and family. Finally, select the option “Inquiring about Civil ID Status”.
  • When, you will click on the above link, a window will be opened like:

  • One thing should be in hands and that is your Civil ID Card number. Because, without Civil ID, you cannot check the Status of Kuwait Civil ID Card.
  • Civil ID is the unique type of identity of any expat or resident. Civil ID issuance department is PACI Kuwait i.e. Public Authority for Civil Information.

  • After entering your Civil Identity, Press the button “Query”.
  • Now, wait for some seconds and result will be displayed in front of you. Identity status may be like, Pending or Ready to collect. What is the expiry date of your Civil ID etc. This was the method for enquiring Civil Card Identity through e Kuwait Online Portal. Lets explain the other methods.

Check through website of PACI Civil ID Status

We have explained above the method of checking the status of Civil identity through Kuwait Official website. Here is the process of finding the Civil Status through the website of P.A.C.I. Kuwait (Public Authority for Civil Information).

This is also very simple and easy way to check status. ID Status check is made to know the current stage. For example, you have applied for renewal of your civil identity or made payment for the renewal of Civil ID. Now, want to check Is it done or not? Is the renewal process has been completed or not?

PACI.Gov.Kw Civil ID Check Status

As discussed above, you can check status of Kuwait Identity on PACI.Gov.Kw Civil ID Status. Easy way is under:

Step 1. Open the official PACI website

Step 2. The, go to the option Services. You will see the following type of window on your mobile or PC like:

Civil id Status on PACI Website

Step 3. There will be different services available, select the option Civil Status of Kuwait Civil ID.

Step 4. A window will be opened requiring you to enter your Civil Identity Number.

Step 5. Now, Enter your Kuwaiti Civil ID.

Step 6. Then, Press the button “Query”.

Step 7. Your Identity status will be shown on the screen. Through this process you can know Civil ID Status New or Old in Kuwait.

Know Civil ID Status on Telephone Call or PACI Helpline:

If you have not the internet access or not having the PC or Android mobile. Still, you can check the Kuwait ID Status. Yes, We are telling you the truth. It was not the surprise, it is the fact.

The Public Authority for Civil Information of State of Kuwait has launched the helpline service or checking the status of Civil Id through telephone call.

Because, most of expats do not have the time to visit the office or service centers. They prefer to use the simple and authentic way of checking status of their Identity Cards.

Simply, Dial 1889988 and select your well known language.

Operator on the telephonic call or helpline will ask you to tell me your Civil Id. Tell the ID to the officer and He/She will update you regarding your Civil Identity Card Status living in the State of Kuwait. Which is the most important document for availing any Government or Private Services.


This article was written for the sack of knowledge only. We are not the official platform for providing the status check of Civil Id. All information in this read was just for knowledge and education to the residents and expats living in the State of Kuwait.

We hope, this will fulfill your needs about the knowledge of checking Kuwait Id or Civil Id Card Status. Stay connected with us for further Civil Id Info. Thanks.

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